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wow cup – no more spills

if you’re like me, you have a lovely little who insists on doing it herself. doesn’t matter what it is, how high, or how dangerous, she insists on being the one in charge. this, of course, is equally exhilarating and terrifying to any parent. who doesn’t want an independent, do-it-yourself child who doesn’t need to rely on you for every little whim? but then again, the sooner she learns how to do it herself, the sooner she won’t need me to do it any more.

i digress. childhood is basically one giant learning curve, and with learning comes inevitable accidents. our floors are perpetually sticky from dylan’s spills. i try to avoid letting her use a “big girl” cup, hoping she’ll stick with the sippy or straw versions until she learns to hold them upright. even the sippy and straw cups aren’t without fault, she bangs them or drops them or knocks them over and we end up with puddles of water and juice everywhere.

while visiting my cousin (and his little person) in montreal, both he and his dad touted the wonder of this great, spill-proof cup. it’s not often you get to see things like this in action, and if i hadn’t seen it with my own eyes i definitely wouldn’t have believed it. the wow cup actually doesn’t spill. dylan figured it out right away (it may have helped having her cousin as a guide) and she absolutely loved it. we’ve got our own coming in a few days.

i do have to warn you, however, that while these cups might be spill proof, they are not dylan proof. she’s somehow managed to muck it up just enough that the lid doesn’t sit perfectly and we get – you guessed it – spills. trust dylan to find the flaws.

in fact, i should make that her thing. have a baby product that needs putting to the test? send it over. dylan is more than happy to break… i mean try it out for you.


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