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working hard, or hardly working?


is there such a thing as a “work / life” balance? because i have yet to find it.

oh, that’s right, you haven’t heard! i recently (very. recently) started freelancing again and it may only be a few days in but i feel like our house (and by extension, my life) is falling apart. how are you supposed to focus on meeting a deadline while keeping an eye on that one year old who never. stops. moving.

since dylan started walking (we have video evidence) right before she turned 11 months she’s been non-stop. she doesn’t crawl anymore. crawling? who does that? it’s for suckers. she can reach things now, too… which means all that stuff i used to put on the table to get out of her way? i’ve got to actually do something about it. like store it. on a shelf. which we don’t have.

i keep saying our clutter is due to lack of storage solutions. that’s been the go-to catch-all phrase of my 30s. (this is the first and last time i’ll admit that i’m in my 30s.) how are you supposed to store all that stuff you’ve accumulated if you haven’t got anywhere to store it? and it’s got to be on display, because all this stuff is like a badge of honour, your prize for making it this far.

you’d think that was a weird segue until you realize this is how it happens that we end up getting nothing accomplished. sitting down to write, getting distracted by the need to move this pile of things from here to there. that and the constant, almost neurotic need to know where the baby is. omg, where is the baby? phew. behind me. poking at that camera i sacrificed to her.

all that being said, i know it’s fully possible for me to be insanely prolific during the day, to get half a million things done – from “real” work to housework – it’s just getting started. and staying focused. and that works best with coffee. speaking of which…


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