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who needs sleep?

who needs sleep? | i'm with dylan

who needs sleep? | i'm with dylan

it’s a fair question. and a fair answer would be, “everyone but me…”

even though this little one sleeps her way through the night and has started taking decent naps during the day (and sometimes in her bassinet without mommy as a pillow!) i have a hard time putting myself down for much needed snoozing.

you forget how important sleep is when you don’t have something little and sweet to interrupt it on a regular basis. but you also amaze yourself by just how much you can accomplish as a zombie mom. furniture rearranging, dish doing, laundry folding, blog posting… i’m always surprised at my capacity to create words and sentences that actually make sense.

trying to keep up with work is almost impossible though. babies aren’t predictable. which means there’s no such thing as setting a schedule for yourself. it’s been a bummer, because when you spend all day speaking with a little person who can’t verbalize her wants and needs, you start to lose the ability to communicate. i used to be able to pump out mind-numbing copy on the most random content (it was always so much better when i was passionate about it). now? i’m lucky if i can put together 300 words in two days. if you don’t flex the muscle it gets stiff.

babysitting muppets | im with dylan

also, i’m babysitting a muppet today, and i’m pretty sure she just relieved herself in the kitchen :'(



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