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where do we go from here?

best seat in the house -

best seat in the house -

in the wake of finding myself, once again, without work, i also find myself without direction. not purposeless, but floundering. dylan is almost 2 and, as i have previously mentioned, now is the time to start thinking about what’s going to happen with my future.

finding comfort (and free time) in day care aside, i realize that i no longer enjoy writing for others in the way i used to. in part, i am still passionate about original and informative content creation (sorry for the industry buzzwords). i believe that to be successful in an already crowded marketplace, every brand and business should put out careful, thoughtful, intelligent and even fun content that answers a question, even if it’s one no one is asking. especially if it’s one that no one is asking.

the brutal and sad thing, however, is that brands and businesses without the benefit of a large advertising budget don’t understand or appreciate the time and effort and care that goes into creating this kind of output. social media and social networking can be a saving grace for a company with limited capital but if you’re simply regurgitating the hard work of others, not investing in your staff or even your product, why should someone else?

often i forget there is an entire demographic of individuals who don’t use social media or the internet to find out about new and useful products they might be missing out on. in this day and age, hardly! but it’s true. and there are clients who don’t understand the power of the internet and seek to use it the way it worked in the past.

the internet is vast and ever evolving. granted, “the customer is always right,” but that’s a hard pill to swallow. if you’re not going to put the time and love into your content, don’t bother. you’re just another blip in a sea of noise.

so, where does this leave me? not wanting to end up some nameless face in a cubicle in a corporation, and, alternatively, tired of being a talented freelancer chasing down invoices and living pay cheque to pay cheque. here we are, the in between. what next? where will i find my own happiness (outside of motherhood, of course).

hi baby blanket -

baby blankets for baby’s baby

one thing i have always loved is creating. cooking, music, art, knitting, i find serene satisfaction in a finished product. for awhile now, i’ve been tinkering with the “if you build it, they will come” idea, trying to figure out how i can fit into the burgeoning make-from-home workforce i’ve seen all over etsy and instagram (some of my favourite momma’s are crafty business ladies). it’s daunting and time consuming but i think an endeavor well worth it to put something beautiful in someone’s home and a smile on someone’s face.

what i need now, in my “infinite spare time” (side eye to the non-believers, especially the man) is to figure out how to make that work. a plan of action, a stash of treats and a goal. maybe i didn’t make a resolution for 2016, but every day is a fresh start and maybe the next 365 days will be full of fulfillment and success.

bye baby blanket -


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