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5 ways to not suck at parenting

If there’s ever a situation you walk into completely blind, it’s parenting. Seriously. There are books and videos and all the advice you could ever need and not want, but (and I hate to sound cliche here but bear with me) until you have a kid you can’t even fathom what parenting is going to be, how you’re going to feel, or the kind of job you might or might not do. There is a gravity to this responsibility that it...

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i’m a misfit mom

i was looking for hermey’s version, “you can’t fire me, I QUIT. why… don’t i fit in.” but i couldn’t find it. or i didn’t look hard enough. either or, this song kind of embodies where i’m at right now, when it comes to figuring out where i fit in the scheme of “mom”....

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working mom be like - im with dylan

what a mom really looks like

something struck me today, as i was helping dylan walk backwards up the stairs in our dark hallway (she turned off the lights) with two heavy bags of laundry thrown over one shoulder and my hands full of hers, a doggie, and elmo - there is no standard picture of motherhood. holy, gee whiz and what? i am a mom. mother. madre. mere. i am all of those things. i am raising a child and, you know what, for all those moments...

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fighting with frustration

i didn't come into this parenting thing with an expectation it would be easy, i was under no false impression that we would sail through with flying colours. because it is hard, and i don't think i had any idea of just how much of a struggle we were in for until dylan turned from a baby into a toddler and my world turned upside down. some people say it gets better, it gets easier as they get older. other people say...

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why won’t my kid eat?

i have no patience. i thought having a kid would be the impetus i needed to learn, or develop (?) patience. i was wrong, because now i have the negative version of whatever percentage of patience i had before i had one, and never is this more apparent then when i'm trying to get her to eat. why...

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