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bookroo for you and you

growing up, i loved books. i devoured them. in fact, i credit my love of reading with my passion for writing. and i really hope i can foster this same devotion to the written word in dylan. she's only 1 and a half but already she's showing an interest in books. maybe we've been lazy, but my tactics have been more subtle - she doesn't sit long enough for a bedtime story but i leave books around where she can reach...

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“the giver”

the giver warning: this review may contain spoilers here's a movie i'd never heard of until my cousin invited me to a stars and strollers show this afternoon. there's something to be said for going into a movie with no expectations, at least they won't be dashed if the flick turns out to be a dud. adapted from a novel (which i've also never heard of so, apparently i've been living under a rock), what i gleaned is this film is basically a...

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