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{table for two} white pizza



i honestly and proudly confess that we eat wholly too much pizza in this house. there’s nothing wrong with that, other than the fact that pizza probably isn’t the healthiest food on the planet, but it’s all ooey gooey cheese and so easy.

in an effort to make better choices for the family, it’s been on my list to make and freeze portions of pizza dough so we can have our own fresh pizza, customized to our liking, whenever we want. i just haven’t gotten around to it.

then i saw a recipe for white pizza on table for two and i immediately started drooling homer style, which could only mean that it was finally time to get my shit together and make some pizza already.

julie features a whole wheat pizza dough that she lets rise in the fridge – seeing as i haven’t spent a lot of time working with pizza or yeast, i didn’t realize that was a thing. actually the recipe recommends resting, covered, in the fridge for 24 hours but i didn’t read that 24 hours before hand. i let it sit for about 2 and it turned out perfectly. it’s not the best dough you will eat in your life but you will definitely love it.

i was also amazed that the dough could be made in a food processor! so quick, so easy! also super noisy, i thought my machine was going to break, but definitely worth the time it saves you on manually kneading. seriously, i love tradition but if you can turn to technology to make things go faster, why the hell not?

calling this pizza is slightly misleading, as it’s really more garlic dough smothered in cheese. i don’t always feel like tomato sauce, and it’s actually a lot less messy for dylan. we did a mash up of fresh mozzarella (but not too fresh, we’re ballers on a budget) and brick mozzarella. it’s a great combination and yes, you get that beautiful moment when you pick up your first slice and the cheese stretches like in a movie.

to make life easy i served it with my favourite salad, this eat smart sweet kale salad kit (seriously, this is the best, full of awesome things for you) and zoodles for dylan. she was meh about the zoodles but really loved the pizza. but of course she would, she is my daughter after all.


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