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#rootsavedme or this is not my colour

every now and then i’m lucky enough to receive a cool product from influenster for testing purposes.

we’ve had some fun stuff in the past, a few things specifically for dylan, but i can’t deny i love getting beauty products that are just for me. who doesn’t?

i recently got the l’oreal pairs root cover up vox box, with a small container of root cover up to try. i didn’t realize before i got it that it was specifically for covering gray hair, but i got it in my hands and thought no bother, i have blonde ends that aren’t always the look i’m going for. same difference, right?

so instead of roots (which, by all rights should be white by now after all i go through with dylan), i tested on my blonde ends. i love ombre, but let’s face it. i’m a woman and it’s my prerogative to want to change it up every now and then, and as most of you know, hair colour is a lot cheaper and a lot less permanent than a tattoo, which is my go to when i’m craving change.


so, root cover up is surprisingly easy to use. the traditional brushes and pots of cream colour are always a huge mess when you’re doing it by yourself (or at least that’s what i think) and who knows if you’re getting good coverage? this little spray can is super easy to use, just point, spray and done. no waiting, no huge clean up afterward. although if you get some on your hands you’ll want to wash them right away.


see what i mean? black hands.

which was also my next point. the colour on the bottle looked pretty close to my “natural” colour (who knows what that is anymore… am i right?) so i thought everything would be honkey dorey but it came out really, reallydark. which, to me, is more noticeable than the blonde. i’m actually glad i didn’t spray this on my roots because it would probably look ridiculous… #justsayin.

if you do plan on picking some up, which i would say you probably should, at least to try, which doesn’t hurt… you might want to opt for a colour that is lighter than what you would normally go for.

have you tried root cover up? what did you think of it? do you have other ways you cover your grays? leave me a note in the comments.


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