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road trippin’ it – montreal

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we just got back from a five day road trip to montreal and boy do i not have any idea what day it is…

travelling with dylan is always a bit of a traumatic experience. mostly because even after all this time she still freaks out about being put in her car seat. like, nuclear meltdown. she loves leaving, heading out is a blast. but when it comes to getting in that seat? she grabs hold and won’t let go, going so far as to suck up with kisses and cuddles. i should probably do some web researches on how to make a more relaxing transition from lap to chair. we left it out in the hallway before we put it in the car and she absolutely loved sitting in it… though to be fair, dylan loves herself a good sit.

but 7 or 8 hours is a long time for a kiddo to be strapped into a car seat. especially one who 1) doesn’t like to nap and 2) doesn’t like to nap without nursing. obviously we can’t nurse in the car, and transitioning her in sleep from lap to chair is also a challenge. we’ll get there. though i’m not sure when we’ll be taking our next road trip, and by the time we do she’ll probably be old enough to scream actual words at me instead of unintelligible sounds and angry pointing.

why montreal? technically, just outside of montreal. we don’t actually ever go into the city because nana doesn’t like driving in the city, and i don’t really blame her. things can get pretty dicy for ontario plates, and navigating streets that are constantly changing is stressful enough without having quebecers yell french obscenities through dusty wind-shields.

my grandmother turns 93 in about a week, and this was an opportunity to see her for her birthday, but also introduce her to her fourth great grand child. ninety three. she’s put a lot of years behind her and she may not be the cookie baking, cheek pinching, ever sweet granny you see in the movies but she’s the only one i’ve known and i still love her, lack of charm and ancient ways intact.

dylan, on the other hand, was a little confused. granted, my grandmother lives in a home now and being confronted by so many older people who don’t see children that often seemed to overwhelm her. une belle sourire! all the ladies say. she does have a beautiful smile, but you don’t need to be five inches from her face to appreciate it. she managed well with all the new faces and places.

but i loved most of all the smile that lit up her face when she got to spend time with her little cousins – 6, 9 and 15 months (older than dylan by two days). from the moment she shyly walked into the room they loved her, and she loved them. we stayed with our cousins and their two children. she was fixated on b, 9 years old with a wonderful smile and boisterous personality. she’s shy at first too, but don’t let it fool you! f was so sweet and so giggly, laughing at every little thing dylan did – when she put on his shoes, when she took his hand and dragged him from room to room, pointing at things and looking expectantly for some answer we can only just imagine. and c, only marginally older than dylan but so much more dainty and one hell of an eater. she puts dylan to shame.

the past five days weren’t much of  a vacation, always full of so much go go go. my cousins were wonderful to put us up and treat us so well – wine and cheese, tea, and croissants for breakfast. i still feel like i need a vacation from my vacation, though i don’t believe those happen anymore. maybe one day when i can confidently leave dylan with someone other than myself and her dad for longer than a few hours without her melting down. i’m sure she’s ready now but i can bare leaving her for that long. even when i need a break and i manage a few hours of alone time i miss her so terribly it doesn’t feel worth it. the contradictions and the realities of parenthood, i suppose. wouldn’t change it though. every experience is worth it…




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