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resqueeze – a better way to snack

when it comes to the way i eat, i never put that much thought into it. lie. i’ve dieted my whole life, but I never really paid attention, if you can understand what I mean, to the quality of the food I put in my mouth. I’ve always known organic is better, go local etc. except I’ve never had the budget for organic.

then dylan came along and all of a sudden I find myself freaking out over food labels. I’ll spend 10 mins in the baby food aisle at the grocery store reading labels. even the so called organic stuff contains things I’m not 100 per cent comfortable with.

let me just put out there I’m the farthest thing from “crunchy” you’ll get. I drink wine with dinner, I use purex detergent and we barely recycle. i won’t get into an argument with you about vaccinations (we’re for them, by the way, though I’m not going to judge you if you aren’t), and I steer clear of conversations on sleep training. we bed share, it works for us. plus I’m incapable of CIO.

but her food? this is where I’ve tried to be a stickler. not bothered so much by the GMOs, but more the hormones and pesticides pumped into the shit on the shelf. why should we feed our kids today crap from a box or bottle when they can have something fresh and made with love?

sometimes I worry my mom (or mom in law) thinks I think less of the way she brought my brother and I up, because she wasn’t hand making meals. she also went back to work after three months (the norm where we grew up), but that’s another story, she did an awesome job. We never went hungry. but I believe the food we had then was more FOOD than the food we eat now.

that said, I really like the idea of the pouch foods for on the go snacking. super easy, convenient, dylan loves to squish the packages. I don’t actually like the consistency, though, and some of them don’t like her (TMI: we had one that smelled the same coming out as it did going in. I never gag when i change her diaper, this was the one exception.)

these resqueeze pouches by resqueeze llc are the answer to my problem, and one of my favourite mom finds that I think we’ll get some good use out of. they’re also adorable. mix up your favourite messy meal, spoon into the bottom, zip shut and let baby enjoy! I do recommend making a mix that is a little bit chunkier than most smooth purees, especially if your babe is anything like Dylan, who has a penchant for squeezing the pouch and flinging it around… they’re easy to clean too. I’d say dishwasher safe, though we don’t have one. I just use the bottle brush.

not sure what to stuff them with? keep an eye on my new section, “easy baby food”, for simple snack and food recipe ideas. the fewer ingredients the better!


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