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there may have been a time in life when i felt compelled to make resolutions. unfortunately, here’s where i blend in with the rest of the universe when i openly admit to never following through with a single one. seriously, for all the money i’ve invested in unfulfilled resolutions, i probably should have just withdrawn that cash and flushed it directly down the closest toilet, the effect would have been the same.

aside: why are resolutions so damn expensive?

is it possible for a person to change? there are stories out there that say so. is it possible for me to change? that remains to be seen. but i figure, since becoming a “mom” that picture has gotten a little bigger, and taking care of myself – which apparently involves seeing things through to the end – is about more than just me, now.

in light of this, i’ve decided to break my ban on resolutions. baby steps, of course. we’ll start 2015 – a new decade and a new chapter of my life – with something small.

this year i resolve to

a) drink more water

2) blog once a week

of course, there are countless other goals i’d like to achieve, including but not limited to eating more greens (if two salads passed my lips this past week while we’ve been on vacation i would be shocked. shocked), being generally more “nice”, making more things with my hands, and practicing yoga. realistically, none of that is going to happen. a little of it might happen. has your body ever actually said to you, “please, for the love of god, put some broccoli in me, a salad, some carrots, i don’t care, whatever it is it just has to come from the ground and not be smothered in breading or grease”? because mine has, and these should not be daily conversations.

wish me luck!


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