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pull up your pull ups

pull up your pull ups -

not long ago i thought we were headed for a break through of the diaper variety. there was a lot of interest around the “potty” and “bathroom” (which actually just means toilet in our house) but very little … movement… if you pardon that horrible pun.

even still, i was confidant that getting her into a pair of the pull ups training pants we received for review was going to be the first step to us living in a diaper free household.

cut to a few months later and we’re still strapping them on and tossing them out.

this is nothing against pull ups, per say. we’ve tried them and quite frankly, i like them. she can get into and out of them on her own (although she can get into and out of her regular diapers on her own, something i didn’t know until she did it without my watching, and she knows where the diapers go because i couldn’t find the one she mysteriously took off so i’m assuming it went into the diaper bin), and they look and feel at lot more like “panties” (i dislike that word), which means she feels a bit more mature wearing them.

pull ups, a better fit -

i guess we’re just not ready for that next step yet. she doesn’t yell, “NOOOO!” anymore when she needs a few moments to herself… it was as much hilarious as an indication it was time to change her diaper. she doesn’t ask to use the potty or follow me in there as often anymore. and the miraculous moments when she does ask to use it are so few and far between we’ve taken to snapping a photo or two as evidence that yes, it can actually happen.

my approach to potty training has been as it is for everything else with our parenting. maybe i started out gung-ho and aggressive but why rush her? she has the whole rest of her life to poop uncomfortably on the porcelain throne like the rest of us big kids. for now, why not let her pee while she plays? can it be so wrong?


so, we’ll stick to diapers for a little while yet, which also can’t be a bad thing because i’ve got four boxes taking up space and i’d rather use them than spend three months trying to figure out if we’ll hold onto them for the next one or donate them somewhere and then not actually doing anything about it at all.

thanks to influenster for including us in this round of reviews. follow this link to learn more. 


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