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dad’s famous turkey soup

with about two inches of snow on the ground and freezing rain falling from the sky, today feels like a particularly apt day to talk about our favourite family past-time: eating. specifically, eating turkey. even more specifically, eating turkey soup. since we got this fantastic new kitchen, Aaron has spent months honing and perfecting his latest favourite recipe for turkey soup. if turkey is on sale (or even if it isn't), you can rest assured that we're going to have at least one. we've already got bags and bags of frozen pee soup just hanging out in the deep freeze, but fresh turkey soup really makes living in this frigid country seem almost bearable. *almost*. because this is AARON'S FAMOUS SOUP, i figured i'd let him have free reign with writing the recipe. kindly direct questions and complaints in his direction :) speaking of recipes, if you want to follow all, or at least most,...

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how do you cope with stress?

how do you deal with stress? how do you cope? for me, i disappear. i used to eat. like most young women, for awhile i turned to wine. that was a sad and scary time, but i somehow managed to turn that around. i think i put other people before myself - something you shouldn't always do - and i figured it out. lately, my life has been consumed by stress. i say my cup is full to overflowing and i have nothing left. i have gained weight that i cannot shake, it keeps me from sleeping and because of it i struggle to focus on daily tasks so nothing is getting done. i'm cranky and quick to lash out. i'm tired. i'm short. i'm mean. i'm not myself. i have come to a stand still, and i feel stagnant. i know i'm not alone here, and that i'm not just joined by mothers...

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