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make me pretty: laneige



though it may not be obvious, i’m a total beauty junky. it’s been awhile since i’ve stockpiled magazines but i love to poke through the pages to see what products brands are shilling, and stalking the aisles of sephora and shoppers hunting for shiny new boxes and bottles and their fancy claims.

not too long ago i had way too much stuff. drawers full of makeup and nail polish and shelves stuffed to the brim with moisturizers and masques. i guess technically that’s problematic but i love testing new things.

i started the purge before dylan simply out of a lack of space – the man has got to put his stuff somewhere, i guess. the purge continues as i come across something i haven’t used in years. there’s always that pang of guilt – i spent the money on it and didn’t use it. what a waste. but it’s just taking up valuable space sitting in the dark.


don’t judge me for my bathroom vanity

it doesn’t mean i don’t love to try new things. especially hair products. for 20 some-odd years of my life i’ve struggled with getting this mane under control. god bless my mother, the poor french canadian trying to figure out how to deal with my insane “bird’s nest” – my brother’s affectionate term. he was such a lovely human being. (i kid, my brother is great but he did tease me incessantly. he conveniently doesn’t remember any of it, though.)

but i digress. though i recently splurged on some face products from sephora – i consider it an investment – influenster sent over a new product by laneige, a new-to-canada skincare line that touts the power of water to reinvigorate and rejuvenate your skin.

i’ve been using the water bank gel cream once a day for the last week (i even made him try with me). basically, it’s a “cooling, non-oily gel cream that immerses skin in moisture for 24 hours.”

it’s definitely creamy and smooth but not sticky (which i have noticed gel products can tend to be and i don’t like it) and it goes on smoothly. a little goes a long way. i had already noticed a difference in my skin the next day – that’s how fast it works! even he noticed his skin felt more hydrated – and he’s got a crazy beard, never moisturizes, smokes and refuses sun screen, so that’s big.


look how weird my hand looks

personally, i am a huge believer in the healing power of water, even if i don’t drink enough of it. when i haven’t had at least a glass my body starts craving it. i’m almost positive that if i got the right amount on a daily basis my life would be a whole lot better – i’d be less tired, my hair wouldn’t be so dry, my skin would glow etc. prove me wrong! i have a hard time drinking the right amount of water though. i forget. i literally went to the grocery store just now for cat food and pie crust and didn’t realize i didn’t get either cat food or pie crust until i got back home. this is why you should always have lists, people.

anyway. i digress. would i recommend this product? totally. i love it and would really love to try their water sleeping mask. christmas gift, perhaps? *wink* pick up your laneige products at sephora.

editor’s note: this is not a paid review. product provided courtesy of  influenster for review purposes. 


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