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mail call: a little bundle *giveaway prize*

a little bundle - i'm with dylan


is there anything more exciting than getting mail? not bills and flyers, that’s depressing. but real, live, actual mail! letters and postcards and gifts are obviously at the top of the list of “things we want to receive” but that thing you bought online comes in a close second.

tied with second? things you’ve won online. am i right? a few months back, while we were on vacation in alberta, i won an amazing package but had to forfeit for logistical reasons. it sucked a bit but it is what it is. the same week i learned i would have to forfeit that prize, i received another message on instagram letting me know i’d been chosen the winner of another giveaway! i usually have pretty crappy luck, so to win twice in a week? yes, i went out and bought a lottery ticket. no, those lottery tickets did not win anything. not even a free ticket. and my crappy luck returns.

anyway. the giveaway host was a little bundle, this amazing subscription service just for moms and babes. each month they send out a box of cool products in support of small businesses. i found them while i was pregnant but, because funds are tight, decided it wouldn’t be right for us. cut to me learning part of the giveaway package is a three month subscription. happy dance!


we received the box yesterday and dylan and i were both way too excited to open it up and get our hands on what was inside (as you can see from the snap above). a photography centric selection, we’ve got a cute little holga print t-shirt by little lee studios, a super cute wooden camera stained that great teal colour, a keep cup reusable coffee cup (that dylan totally already believes is hers), a selfie snap smart phone remote shutter (for better selfies, which i vow to take more of), and the cute card by no coast paper co. the postcard that comes with the package suggests using the note cards to write letters to your littles and keep them somewhere safe. since i totally failed at writing a journal for her, i think this is exactly what i’m going to do… and give them to her on her 18th birthday. or not. we’ll see…


as if there could be, there was more to this giveaway. a little bundle actually partnered with benefit cosmetics to give one lucky mom (this lucky mom) some new makeup – hello! it’s been a long time since i’ve worn more than a little mascara and filled in my brows, but i used to adore makeup. i had tons of it.


you got your mascara (they’re real and bad gal lash), liner (they’re real) and brow highlighter (high brow). bad gal lash used to be my go-to. i only stopped using it because l’oreal is a teensy bit more in my price range, but i’m tres excited to try the formula they’ve created for they’re real. dylan has the most amazing lashes and i’m. very. jealous.


and here we’ve got the rockateur face powder (for finishing), their pore-fessional (for minimizing the appearance of pores, natch), puff off (for minimizing the appearance of bags under the eyes), and cha-cha tint (a liquid cheek stain).

i’m literally all set, and now have absolutely no excuse for leaving the house looking like a hot mess. well, my hair might still be all “wild hair, don’t care” because even after … 21 … years i have yet to learn to tame it. (coconut oil and conditioner, i heard you internet. also another post for another time). but i recently had this realization that if i don’t take care of myself, no one else will. that means doing the little things that make me feel good. like washing my face, painting my nails, or even just using moisturiser every night. i am not the kind of person who needs to put on a full face before heading down the the grocery store. i kind of float between there and wearing shower shoes and sweats out of the house (only when i’m taking out the garbage, for reals). i honestly want to invest more time in my appearance because i want dylan to take pride in hers. not to be vain, but thoughtful. well kept. showered.

so many many thanks to a little bundle and benefit cosmetics for this mother’s day gift that i get to share with my little lady.


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