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little reviews – juice beauty + mullein & sparrow

i have always been a “beauty junkie”, mostly because i like to buy beautiful things, and sometimes beauty products are just so damn beautiful. the problem with beauty products, however, is they are so expensive and there’s no telling if they’re really going to work for you. so you spend your hard earned moolah on a potion or cream, just for it to go to waste because it 1) doesn’t work or 2) you have a hard time forming habits.

i’m pretty much a little from column a and a little from column b. i’ve reluctantly tossed near-full containers of makeup and product because it has sat so long it expired. i have good intentions, honest, i do! i’m just really… really… REALLY… bad at habit forming. yet another thing i’m working on because i don’t want dylan to be as lazy as me (i say that tongue in cheek and with love for myself), especially when it comes to personal hygiene and self care. can’t always blame kids on not love ourselves, can we?

anyway. a few weeks ago, twice in one day i had different people mistake me for under 20. the first one was selling me cigarettes (not for me, mind you) – they I.D. under 19, or at least that’s what i’m going to tell myself. the second was at a consignment shop and he was the first person to ask me if dylan was “mine,” because i “look too young to have a child her age.” i don’t necessarily consider it a compliment, seeing as there are girls much younger than me giving birth every day, but it is what it is.

i’ve been turned away from the lcbo a few times because i don’t walk with my license, even from the same cashier who has actually INSPECTED my license in the past. *smh* idk whether to laugh or cry…

beside the point. i don’t credit my new-found youthful looks to drinking more water or getting the perfect amount of sleep tonight, because i don’t do either. i’m exhausted most of the time, something i’m working at rectifying.

all the credit and accolades has to go two products i received in the summer fabfitfun box:

juice beauty eye smoothing serum

mullein & sparrow pure series argan oil

i try to use them at least once a day, the oil definitely at night because i had a bad experience forgetting i had used rose hip oil after the shower and i went into the sun. don’t do it!

anyway, i feel like my results are a great example of what you can achieve if you stick with something for the recommended amount of time. this goes for working out and dieting and all those other things we struggle to get to the end of.

if you’re interested in the fabfitfun box, click my referral link. you don’t have to, it’s just one of my favourite things ever, and i like to share.


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