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little movers on the move


diapers. i don’t like diapers. dylan clearly likes diapers less than i like diapers, since she freaks out every time we have to change her. seriously. except on the rare occasion where she actually lies down and is helpful. mostly, though, she’s just kicking and laughing because she thinks it’s funny to kick me.

we’re pretty much a pampers family. i’m not sure why. isn’t that weird, how their are diaper “camps”? so many mums pick a brand and stay loyal, and you can’t even start with the cloth diaper moms who are just so pro cloth diaper you can’t help but wonder what the fuss is all about while you’re wrapping your own baby in chemically laden plastic.  i wanted to go a more natural route, though not cloth, because we don’t have a washing machine and i can’t imagine how much of a disaster that would be… (enter the moms who wash their cloth diapers by hand which is totally fine if you want to do that kind of thing but i just do not). i thought about the honest company, their diaper patterns are super cute, but having them shipped here would be way more expensive than necessary. they are diapers, after all, we’re just going to toss them in the bin after they’ve been crapped in.

for whatever reason we find ourselves entrenched in the pampers camp, though we seem to have a little bit of an issue with the tabs scratching dylan’s chubby thighs. this accounted for some of her tantrums at diaper time, until i figured it out and hunted down a hack to make it better.


last week, though, we received a bag of huggies little movers to test out and i was really excited to try them, seeing as it’s kind of a nuisance to have to get the scissors out every time we need to do a diaper change, and carrying them around while we’re out isn’t necessarily the safest thing i’ve ever done (though i keep them stashed in the bottom of the padded pouch i carry the diapers around in).

the size 4 little movers looked a lot smaller than the size 4 pampers cruisers we usually wear during the day (we use the 12 hour night time ones over night), but dylan is pretty petite, so i wasn’t concerned about the fit in that respect. though the tabs are made of similar material to the pampers, what i liked most is how far they wrap around her waist. there’s comfortable elastic fabric above her thigh, and not scratchy tab plastic.

i wish we’d had the opportunity to take a few pics or videos of her getting around in them but it’s been such a busy week i didn’t even think about it. but i was super impressed with how comfortable they were on her. will we switch? sorry pampers, there’s a good chance we may move over to the dark side. it will all come down to pricing and how many diapers we get in a box. i try to buy bulk for practical reasons. would i recommend little movers to new moms with little movers? hell yes. do yourself the favour of trying them out at least.

thanks, influenster!


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