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{lauren’s latest} skinny mini banana muffins


lauren's latest - skinny mini banana muffins

i don’t know why but i feel like if i make all my food into mini muffin form dylan’s going to eat it. we’ve had banana’s hanging around for days and we loved the banana chocolate chip muffins my sister-in-law made while we were in calgary last month, so … i made followed this great recipe from lauren’s latest, with a few mini changes.


instead of olive oil, i used avocado – we ran out of olive months ago and i haven’t bothered to restock it. remembering to cook with cold pressed instead of extra virgin is so tiring, and i find avocado oil is so much more versatile.

i also ended up using more whole wheat flour than all purpose (ran out of that too) and i tossed in a handful of organic shredded coconut for texture and because coconut.

guaranteed i ate more than dylan did, but they went over well. like, she double fisted them, that’s how well they went over.




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