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{lauren’s latest} crispy beef


lauren's latest crispy beef

when i first started coming to toronto, we used to go to this great restaurant on king street called fortune cookie for their fried rice and the crispy beef. it was so perfect, we ordered it every time.

but, like many restaurant’s in this fickle city, it shuttered in favour of an oyster bar. i can’t tell you what lives in its place now, even though we’re down there often enough visiting grandma. it doesn’t really matter anyway. what matters is, i’ve only been able to find one other place that offers up a passable version of this dish – it’s on ossington and i never get back there either.

now that i have copious amounts of free time to experiment in the kitchen, i decided to try it for myself. another recipe from lauren’s latest (you’d think i’m crushing on her but really, her photos were the best and that’s kind of how i gauge which recipe i’ll end up using).


my version doesn’t look much like hers, which is fine. we didn’t have any sweet chilli sauce, i subbed in the last of our honey pepper jam, which was definitely sweet enough. it’s crazy easy to make, and is definitely going to make its way into our dinner rotation. of course, it is deep fried (delicious) so we probably won’t have it that often, but i feel like maybe… just maybe, the golden and black quinoa and the steamed broccoli sort of make up for that.


in even better news, dylan actually managed to enjoy some of it, which for me is a win more than anything else. week night and you’ve got no dinner ideas? try this, i guarantee you’ll like it.


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