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“hulk”-ies (avocado chocolate chip cookies)

hulkies; avocado chocolate chip cookies

avocado chocolate chip cookies

you know when you have half an avocado in the fridge and you just don’t feel like eating it but then you never feel like eating it and it goes bad, but that’s a terrible waste because 1) wasting food is a waste and 2) avocados are so damn expensive, not eating them right away is always a waste because there’s like a five second period between not ripe and completely brown? just me?

we had half an avocado floating aroud in the fridge and i had a hankering for chocolate chip cookies. normally those things would seem mutually exclusive but i’ve seen avocado brownies, so cookies felt like a natural direction.  i’m glad someone already tried this ahead of time and proved me wrong.

hulkies; avocado chocolate chip cookies

this photo does not do them justice, i wish you could see just how green they actually are, without the benefit of food colouring. you don’t notice the avocado either, especially if you fill them with chocolate chips and add a hint of texture with shredded coconut. though mine don’t look quite as “pretty” as the ones on cake whiz (or a handful of the other images i saw on pinterest) they do have a certain rough charm, just like hunky mark ruffalo as the hulk! hence my favourite nickname (and now probably the only reason i’ll make them) – hulk-ies! you also feel a little less bad about yourself, since there’s no oil. there’s a lot of sugar, so you should still feel bad. like… three cookies bad, instead of six.

  • CakeWhiz

    So glad you liked them! They are my go-to healthy snack 😉

    June 5, 2015 at 10:00 am Reply

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