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#flashbackfriday – mother’s day



i never got around to loading these right after mother’s day. why do we take so many photos if we aren’t planning to share them? it’s even easier than it used to be to get photos from camera – friends, and still…

i digress. mother’s day happened what feels like ages ago, but we shared the day with my MIL – brunch at beer bistro on king and a drive down to port credit.


since it was a special day i went with something i’ve never tried before. yes, i’ve never tried eggs benedict before. it’s the hollandaise sauce… there was always something so unappealing about it. plus, this eggs benny came with duck confit and goat cheese – go hard or go home, am i right? and i was not disappointed. what a beautiful mess it makes. beautiful and delicious.

after brunch (dylan had her own plate, but she only ate the fries) we took a drive down to port credit, a pretty little area of mississauga by the lake i’ve never been to. it was chilly down there, and the fog rolling in off the water was thick. dylan met the sweetest little muppet dog – i think a shitzu yorkie mix – who adored and deserved all the attention. it’s also midge season and the boardwalk was swarming with those disgusting little winged black monsters. blech.


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