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{diy} rope plant pot hanger


a little green goes a long way to making a household happy. i love plants, especially ones that do double duty and purify the air.

frankly, having plants is about as green as it gets in our household (outside of trying to recycle and using relatively organic cleaning products when we can get our hands on them). we’d love to be a lot kinder to the environment, but composting is not practical right now, and we haven’t gotten around to building our garden… we shop at the farmer’s market, though! sometimes… and we take public transit or walk everywhere. because we don’t have a car… and i always cut up those plastic rings that hold a six pack of pop together. see? we’re doing our part for mother nature.

but my contribution to the continuation of the earth is not at question here. my house plants – or lack there of them – are. as much as i would love to have a house full of beautiful flowers and potted plants, i learned a long time ago that i’m not allowed to have such nice things because i have a jerk cat who will immediately eat anything with leaves and petals. it’s frustrating.

there are solutions! and it comes in the sexy form of hanging planters! i used to think macramé was tacky, but then i grew up. some macramé is tacky, but in general, rope plant hangers are so simple and boho they look good almost anywhere.

sincerely kinsley secret hanging gardenespecially the bathroom, a steamy warm environment that actually helps some plants live longer. (perfect if you have a black thumb and a sieve for a memory, like i do…)

how sexy is that? i love it.

now that the weather is nicer the stores have started putting their plants on the curb. i’ve been missing greenery since my philadendron called it quits. perfect time to try this insanely easy (to get wrong) diy tutorial for a rope plant pot hanger. i didn’t get the first one quite as i’d like, but practice makes perfect.

diy-macrame-plant-pot-hanger-even-closer diy-macrame-plant-pot-hanger-up-close

attempt number two was a lot more successful. eventually i’ll make them a little more complicated and probably start dip dying the tassels for the fun of it.

the terracotta pots are from dollarama, along with the paint and brushes to customize. last year it was decorating plates, this year it’s pots. you know what you’re getting for christmas!


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