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the vonderful vegetti

most "as seen on tv" products are ridiculous. garbage. don't waste your money. the shake weight? how is this a thing? i fully believe the board that agreed to funding, producing, and marketing this product was made up of pre-pubescent / college aged men children who snickered and giggled their way through the presentation, and  proceeded to give each other an almost never ending round of high-fives with complimentary back slapping once their ad was approved and they watched the...

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resqueeze – a better way to snack

when it comes to the way i eat, i never put that much thought into it. lie. i've dieted my whole life, but I never really paid attention, if you can understand what I mean, to the quality of the food I put in my mouth. I've always known organic is better, go local etc. except I've never had the budget for organic. then dylan came along and all of a sudden I find myself freaking out over food labels....

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