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how to stop diaper tabs from scratching

for awhile there getting dylan into a diaper was a real horror story. we're talking, screaming and crying and squirming and generally freaking out. much more than normal. she would say, "ow! ow!" and point at the diaper. who knows what that means???? i sure as hell didn't, and i spend all day with her. but eventually, like super dim detectives, we started putting two and two together and it stopped adding up to five. her diaper was hurting her. duh. smh. stupid...

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bookroo for you and you

growing up, i loved books. i devoured them. in fact, i credit my love of reading with my passion for writing. and i really hope i can foster this same devotion to the written word in dylan. she's only 1 and a half but already she's showing an interest in books. maybe we've been lazy, but my tactics have been more subtle - she doesn't sit long enough for a bedtime story but i leave books around where she can reach...

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wow cup – no more spills

if you're like me, you have a lovely little who insists on doing it herself. doesn't matter what it is, how high, or how dangerous, she insists on being the one in charge. this, of course, is equally exhilarating and terrifying to any parent. who doesn't want an independent, do-it-yourself child who doesn't need to rely on you for every little whim? but then again, the sooner she learns how to do it herself, the sooner she won't need me...

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a little bundle - i'm with dylan

mail call: a little bundle *giveaway prize*

is there anything more exciting than getting mail? not bills and flyers, that's depressing. but real, live, actual mail! letters and postcards and gifts are obviously at the top of the list of "things we want to receive" but that thing you bought online comes in a close second. tied with second? things you've won online. am i right? a few months back, while we were on vacation in alberta, i won an amazing package but had to forfeit for logistical...

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