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let’s be honest: keeping kids safe

this one is near to me, and a little difficult to talk about. if there was one thing i wanted when i started this blog, it was to always be honest. transparent. sometimes blogging looks like lies but we need more truth, lots of truth, in order to move forward. lately, for whatever reason, i've been thinking a lot about safety. not in respect to playground equipment and child-proofing closets, cupboards and stairwells. more like stranger danger, or, in many cases, the...

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doughnuts and something about accepting yourself

i realized something this morning while i was simultaneously washing dishes, making breakfast, and making sure the toddler didn't get her hands or fingers into anything too dangerous on the counter: this stay at home mom thing is hard. i've branded myself lucky, blessed even, to be able to stay at home with this little person (who, consequently, drives me as crazy as she does makes me love her). but to say that this "job" is all fun and games...

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best seat in the house -

where do we go from here?

in the wake of finding myself, once again, without work, i also find myself without direction. not purposeless, but floundering. dylan is almost 2 and, as i have previously mentioned, now is the time to start thinking about what's going to happen with my future. finding comfort (and free time) in day care aside, i realize that i no longer enjoy writing for others in the way i used to. in part, i am still passionate about original and informative content creation (sorry...

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making faces on the street car -

an emotional dilemma: time to get back on the horse?

the hardest job of all - and yes, i don't care what any other opinionated person or article out there claims, i believe it is a job, albeit one we don't get financial compensation for, nor are there any required skills, but a job none the less, period, end of story - is raising people. motherhood has been the greatest challenge of my life, and though i fully believed that becoming a mom would not change who i was fundamentally, i was wrong. there...

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