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almond fig breakfast quick bread {the kitchn}

fig almond breakfast quick bread - the kitchn -

if breakfast is so important, why does it have to be so complicated? i mean, first you have to make it, then you have to eat it, and before you know it it's lunch and you have to figure that out. at least that's what it's like in our house, usually because i have to clean the kitchen before i clean the kitchen - mom's know what i'm talkin' 'bout. though admittedly breakfast is my second most favourite meal (the first...

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chicken pie - im with dylan (2)

{spicy southern kitchen} easy chicken pie

do you know how sometimes you get a craving for something but you don't get it right away and then that craving sticks with you for days and days until you do something about it? that's how i have been feeling about chicken pot pie, and finally - FINALLY - i went out and did something about it. i made pie. easy chicken pie. i love pie, and here's a gross admission, but i also love those el cheapo swanson microwaveable...

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{julia’s album} cauliflower alfredo sauce

we made a concerted effort to decide that we wanted to incorporate more vegetarian meals into diet. not simply because we eat entirely too much meat, because i'm not sure that's possible, but also for financial reasons. meat is expensive and there are a million other great ways to get protein outside of chicken, pork, and steak. cauliflower is a pretty versatile vegetable. i've used it for a handful of things in the past, mostly as a base for soups, once as rice,...

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hulkies; avocado chocolate chip cookies

“hulk”-ies (avocado chocolate chip cookies)

you know when you have half an avocado in the fridge and you just don't feel like eating it but then you never feel like eating it and it goes bad, but that's a terrible waste because 1) wasting food is a waste and 2) avocados are so damn expensive, not eating them right away is always a waste because there's like a five second period between not ripe and completely brown? just me? we had half an avocado floating aroud...

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