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quinoa teething crackers

by far, i'm a terrible eater. this isn't to say i don't love food, because i'm a huge "fan of my groceries" (lol i love that term). but i do not eat healthy, by any stretch. it's not that i'm opposed to it, i've definitely tried on countless occasions. i just am not good at it. these bad habits are the reason we're planning on trying the whole 30 - it's a bit extreme, but to reverse 30 years of bad habits,...

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wholesome goat spread brekkie | i'm with dylan

what time?

it's not something i talk about a lot because i feel like people will think i'm rubbing it in their faces but other than moving my exercise dvds from the living room to the bedroom i have literally not done a single thing to lose weight since dylan was born and i was back to (actually, below...

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caprese salad im with dylan

to-may-toe, to-mah-toe

one of the first things people ask you when they find out your pregnant: "what are you craving?" they're always going on about pickles or olives or something weird. honestly, i wish i were that cool. i've pretty much been on the see-food diet. i see it, i want to eat it. all of it. immediately. (please pass the chicken wings, thank you.) but i'd be lying if i said i wasn't craving anything at all. i do crave one thing. tomatoes. fresh...

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