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chicken pie - im with dylan (2)

{spicy southern kitchen} easy chicken pie

do you know how sometimes you get a craving for something but you don't get it right away and then that craving sticks with you for days and days until you do something about it? that's how i have been feeling about chicken pot pie, and finally - FINALLY - i went out and did something about it. i made pie. easy chicken pie. i love pie, and here's a gross admission, but i also love those el cheapo swanson microwaveable...

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roast squash soup - im with dylan

roast butternut squash soup

as soon as the weather starts to turn from summer to fall i start craving soup. i guess i'm basic like that. but if loving soup is wrong, i don't want to be right. and i love soup. i have an entire pinterest board dedicated to soup, though i've probably only tried three or four recipes. and i prefer cream-based soups, but because too much of a good thing yada yada i try to make substitutions for all that (delicious) fat...

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{deliciously declassified} cinnamon swirl banana muffins

we've really fallen off posting lately, there's so much going on irl there hasn't been time to dedicate to writing blogs or even making muffins. the weather finally turned beautiful and even though i find we spend a huge chunk of the day hiding in the shade and air conditioning, there's still lots to do. {take me to the recipe} one of our latest greatest activities has been heading down to a local park for a wade into the municipally run wading...

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{julia’s album} cauliflower alfredo sauce

we made a concerted effort to decide that we wanted to incorporate more vegetarian meals into diet. not simply because we eat entirely too much meat, because i'm not sure that's possible, but also for financial reasons. meat is expensive and there are a million other great ways to get protein outside of chicken, pork, and steak. cauliflower is a pretty versatile vegetable. i've used it for a handful of things in the past, mostly as a base for soups, once as rice,...

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