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dad’s famous turkey soup

with about two inches of snow on the ground and freezing rain falling from the sky, today feels like a particularly apt day to talk about our favourite family past-time: eating. specifically, eating turkey. even more specifically, eating turkey soup. since we got this fantastic new kitchen, Aaron has spent months honing and perfecting his latest favourite recipe for turkey soup. if turkey is on sale (or even if it isn't), you can rest assured that we're going to have at least...

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work space companions -

doughnuts and something about accepting yourself

i realized something this morning while i was simultaneously washing dishes, making breakfast, and making sure the toddler didn't get her hands or fingers into anything too dangerous on the counter: this stay at home mom thing is hard. i've branded myself lucky, blessed even, to be able to stay at home with this little person (who, consequently, drives me as crazy as she does makes me love her). but to say that this "job" is all fun and games...

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ombre pancakes -

pancakes and detoxes

confession time: for most of my life i have been a serial dieter. yes, i have been beholden to magazine culture, spending countless minutes and hours staring at my "figure" and wishing this were smaller and that were thinner. just like most women in the western world. what a horrible standard we hold ourselves to. i know that, in my head i know it's not healthy to obsess over weight and body image, but years of "practice" mean it will take...

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fig almond breakfast quick bread - the kitchn -

almond fig breakfast quick bread {the kitchn}

if breakfast is so important, why does it have to be so complicated? i mean, first you have to make it, then you have to eat it, and before you know it it's lunch and you have to figure that out. at least that's what it's like in our house, usually because i have to clean the kitchen before i clean the kitchen - mom's know what i'm talkin' 'bout. though admittedly breakfast is my second most favourite meal (the first...

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pear spice muffin {light bites done right}

it's pear season! apparently. i don't know. i don't know anything about what grows when, i just know that there were fresh ontario pear at the grocery store and i'm always looking for different fruits to give to my picky eater. i also came across what looked like a great recipe for spiced pear muffins on the kitchen that i really wanted to try. pear is just a little tiny bit more sophisticated than apple, at least that's what my...

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