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’bout that pancake life

i haven’t been living up to my end of the bargain, but in my defence, the little one is on two legs now running around and there is even less time now to sit down and get a thought in edge wise. not to mention getting ready for her birthday (TWO DAYS!) and starting a new freelance job…there’s a lot going on!

this new gig is great, I get to do what i’m good at from home and we don’t have to send dylan to daycare just yet, something that was making me a little more than severely anxious. I can’t bear the thought of being away from her! but I kind of can. although we are finally at a point where she is becoming more autonomous, getting into all sort of troubles around the house while I work or do dishes.

on thursday, we’re having a crowd over to celebrate dylan turning one and the fact that we made it a year without suffocating each other. there were a few close calls, usually in the middle of the night after a coughing fit. not a big party, but something fun for our friends and family. am I making two cakes? I might be.

last year, since going back to work after her birth coincided with Fat Tuesday, the boy decided to whip up an enormous batch of pancakes to take to work – an office / manufacturing plant. he did it again this year. For our “family day”, every surface of the house was covered in a thin layer of flour and smelled amazing. he made so many he’s perfected the recipe, technique, and is now the designated and go-to pancake guy. as expected, were a smash, who doesn’t love free pancakes? some of his co-workers even chipped in for real maple syrup. baked goods, or should I just say food in general, really brings a workplace together, doesn’t it? (except tell that to the awful person who walked off with the unused bottles of maple syrup.) the blueberry bacon ones stole my heart. what can I say, i’m a huge sucker for breakfast.


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