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growing up, i loved books. i devoured them. in fact, i credit my love of reading with my passion for writing. and i really hope i can foster this same devotion to the written word in dylan.

she’s only 1 and a half but already she’s showing an interest in books. maybe we’ve been lazy, but my tactics have been more subtle – she doesn’t sit long enough for a bedtime story but i leave books around where she can reach them and she brings them to me when she’s ready for a story. i do the same with art – there are crayons and note books and large pads of paper everywhere.

kid’s books today are so fun. that’s not to say they weren’t when i was growing up – my favourites numbered many but a collection of tales about a grey bunny, sesame street treasury (collectors items my parents dared to give away and which i will never forgive them for), and berenstein bears (i’ll never accept berenstain, as long as i live) were definitely in the top 10.


i love how silly and fun today’s books are, the great illustrations, and especially how durable they are. dylan loves to rip things, and books are so sacred i feel like the act of damaging a page is blasphemy.

in my humble opinion, it’s impossible to have too many books. library memberships are wonderful, and kindle’s keep better track when you view physical books as dust catchers, but there’s something about amassing a collection and curating a beautiful book shelf that makes me giddy. though my own shelves are appallingly empty (i blame him, as while he does love a good story, he doesn’t particularly share my penchant for holding on to them), i’m slowly working on building out dylan’s. i’d much rather we receive books to toys and clothes (of course it hasn’t stopped me from spoiling her when i find something irresistible). and i was really excited when we came across bookroo, a new subscription service that delivers a box of books to your home every month.

their ideal is simple, and one i fully get behind:

Our mission is to enable and empower parents to build their children’s book collections in an affordable and exciting way through curated monthly book deliveries. We believe in the power and impact of the written word in the life of a child, and believe it’s never too early to start reading to children!

we (i) waited with baited breath for our first delivery – i love getting mail, even when i expect it. the package was small enough to fit in our mail box, but big enough that our friendly neighbourhood mail man rang the bell to let me know it was here. he does that now, because he’s worried that our packages might be nicked – our house practically sits on the sidewalk and strange kids are constantly traipsing back and forth; the concern is legitimate.


dylan gets really excited when packages arrive too, because it’s offers just one more thing for her curious little mind to snatch and explore and potentially pull apart.

the first series of books we received included a book of sleep, by il sung na, little white rabbit, by kevin henkes, and little cub, by olivier dunrea.

i love all three, but i think our favourite has to be little cub. it starts out rather sad, but has a wonderful ending, and a great message that family doesn’t have to be just mom and dad.


bookroo is an awesome gift for yourself or for a friend. bare in mind they’re not based out of canada, so you’re order will be subject to shipping fees that you’ll pay up front.

because we and bookroo love you and want to help build your bookshelf, they’re offering $4 off your subscription, if you click this ->-> LINK <-<- once you click, the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.


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