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big news! we’re starting something new

little foxes hand knits and things -
the reluctant model -

she looks like she’s not happy but inside she’s totally thrilled

well here we are, happy february, ya’ll.

the first month of 2016 has been slow for us – i’ll blame the weather for not figuring itself out, making it all the more difficult for me to focus. rather than stressing about what to post and then not posting it, i’ve been trying to get into the swing of things, trying to wrap my head around what this whole parenting thing really is (and how i’m going to have to gear up for getting her out of the house and into school *sob*), and figuring out a few things for that personal project i teased about a few posts back.

i also spent just over a week solo parenting while the other half traipsed around gujarat, india. he braved 24 hours worth of traveling to be present (and a part) of a his friend’s wedding. i have a new-found appreciation for single parents because without help, you just don’t realize how low exhaustion can go and will take you. her sheer joy when he returned was totally priceless – “daddy! daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy.” wrapped her arms around his neck and wouldn’t let go. those are the moments you have to call on when they’re willfully drawing all over the walls or pouring juice all over the place after you’ve asked them seventeen times not to.

really though, this month i’ve been lazy. yes, i said it. i think i deserved it, though others may disagree. our home and lives are in a constant state of flux and i’ve felt more drained, tired and depressed than i have in a long time. it’s hard to get excited and motivated about getting things done when all you really want to do is curl up in bed and binge watch doctor who. (jumping on the doctor who bandwagon was probably a mistake but i’ve watched 8 seasons in 2 weeks … thanks and also no thanks, netflix.) it’s hard to get excited about anything.

the circle scarf that started it all -

which brings me to my big news, and a reason to be excited.

a long, long time ago i learned how to knit, and over the past few years it has been a wonderful way to still be creative while my attention is divided and also not make some gigantic mess. there are so many beautiful yarns out there, and so few people in my life that appreciate hand knit gifts. scratch that, not so much that they don’t appreciate gifts but you can only give someone a scarf so many times before they start questioning your gifting abilities.

with my instagram feed full of mompreneurs, i though, “why not add my name to that list?”

and so, we begin our foray into the world of retail with hand knit items for toddlers and kids, specifically lined circle scarves. eventually i’d like (read: love) to add more stuff, like hats and arm warmers and blankets and wall hangings and jewellery… as well as hand-dying wool… but i am ambitious to a fault and for now, i want to keep it small.

the reluctant model -

“screw what you’re doing mom. i just want the camera”

i don’t expect this to replace a full-time job, and i have other interests that i continue to pursue (like the fated novel you never hear about but is actually making headway). like cooking, knitting – making something with my hands – brings me joy. though i’m one of those people who flits from thing to thing, i am a creative to the core and if i made even one sale i would feel like a success.

i know a few people who have translated their crafting hobbies into creative and lucrative side-careers, which is promising. of course, i’m open to suggestion – so long as it’s constructive criticism and not, “i think you should do [insert someone else’s idea of how i should spend my time]” because i’ve already heard that and frankly, that kind of “support” is like a backhanded compliment.

february is going to be a very busy month for us, full of birthdays (i can’t believe she’s going to be two!) and projects, so i’m putting myself on a deadline – i will have my site, “store”, and social media set up by the end of the month. it seems like a daunting task but most of that work is an extension of what i’ve done for others in the past. i should be able to apply the same knowledge to my own brand, right? should being the operative word.

yarn stash -

i’ve started piling up my stock, i’ve got a pretty stash of material to pull from, and i’ve semi-settled on a brand name (you’ll just have to wait until the store launch). the next step? be successful.

how hard can it be?

  • Nancy

    I love your site! Beautiful and honestly smart

    February 1, 2016 at 1:36 pm Reply
  • Lise Fox

    Wishing you great success with this venture. You have always been creative. So proud of you. Love Mom

    February 1, 2016 at 2:35 pm Reply

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