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{avery’s kitchen} coconut oil cookies


averie cooks - chocolate chip coconut oil cookies


the second i came across a recipe for cookies that called for coconut oil i knew i had to try / have it. what an interesting use of that miracle oil, don’t you think? averie cooks has a couple of cookie recipes that call for coconut oil (and one that subs in cream cheese…) but obviously i opted for trying the one loaded with chocolate chips because chocolate chips. obviously.

the texture of the finished product is seriously like a dream. they stay puffed up and thick, but don’t become rock solid. i am in love with how easy it is to eat these. but they are deceptively heavy, you really only need one (or two), they’re so satisfying.


the original recipe calls for instant vanilla pudding, and averie kind of frightens you away from using any substitutions (of the fat or sugar free variety). at least she frightened me. but it was the only thing i needed and i didn’t feel like running to the grocery store just for that… but our convenience store (i can go there in pyjamas and no bra – now that is convenience) only had instant chocolate pudding mix, as well as a variety of flavoured jello which probably would not have been any where near as successful. i hummed and hawed for a bit, as though averie would walk into my kitchen and slap my hand for using a *different* ingredient, and eventually went with the chocolate because cookies were just within reach and i couldn’t let myself down.

and you know what? nothing bad happened. the world didn’t end. averie isn’t cursing my name (as far as i know) and the cookies turned out perfectly, if super chocolaty. a unique thing about cookies with coconut oil, you have to bake them from cold or else they’ll melt and puddle, which is kind of blah. they also keep really well in the fridge, and since you don’t need many, this is a perfect way to avoid over eating. i kept half of my batch in the fridge and pulled them out when we wanted more. 11 minutes in the oven and you’ve got fresh, hot, chocolate-y cookies. you’ll never ever want store-bought again!


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