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anchors aweigh

anchors aweigh | I'm with dylan

anchors aweigh | I'm with dylan


hello, afternoon… what’s that you say? we should be napping? why, yes, in fact. we should be! i happen to be exhausted and there’s no coffee to speak of in the house (sad face) and little bo bylan (aside: i’m gonna start calling her bo…) is not having nap time *sigh* so it means entertaining her with one hand and scrolling through instagram with the other.

one of my favourite brands ( hip squeaks) is having a giveaway collab with another of my favourite brands, hello apparel along with ergo baby and the honesty company. the theme? anchors! ugh so cute. i especially love how ergo decided to style their anchor carrier, meow! i love this print, and i’m planning on getting an anchor tat in the near future.

i think today is the last day of the giveaway, so get on over there quick!


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