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on february 19, at 8:45 am, we welcomed dylan elizabeth into the world, and while it wasn’t love at first sight, like so many mom’s talk about, all 6 lbs 3 oz of her found a way into my heart.

but more than learning that it was possible to love someone as much as i love her, she’s teaching me about myself, motherhood, and life in general. what a trippy road trip we’ve embarked on.

i consider myself unconventional – i don’t think anyone looks at me walking down the street and thinks, “now there’s a mom.” i sue as hell don’t. and i have yet to come across another mom or community online that reflects my personal beliefs, experiences or stresses. the struggle is real and we all share it but i find i’ve had a hard time connecting with other new moms, in forums, online groups and in person. let’s be real – we don’t need support in the form of an echo chamber, but we also don’t need to bully each other. this parenting thing is hard enough as it is without other mom’s jumping down our throats for our family decisions.

i hope that sharing my thoughts and a little look into our life will find a kindred spirit or two out there who, like me, are wallowing under the weight of trying to live up to a mom-ocracy we imagine we can’t touch, because you know what? we can do “bad” all by ourselves.

messy house, happy kid. stick around. redefining normal has only just begun.