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{aberdeen’s kitchen} savory cheese & veggie muffins


aberdeen's kitchen - savory cheese & veggie muffins

another muffin recipe? i know, right? she’s obsessed! chill out, guys, it’s only the second one. but these tasty little flavour bombs are so deliciously buttery you don’t need to butter them and the crazy news is there’s no butter in them! (don’t you enjoy how many times i said butter?)

another sneaky way to get veggies into dylan when she’s not looking. the cheddar and feta cheeses mask the flavour of the veg (actually, i think it’s the wonderful saltiness of both cheeses that make them taste buttery too).


our’s didn’t turn out with that beautiful muffin shape that aberdeen kitchen managed (in fact they were down right unattractive…) but they disappeared almost within the day none the less. it also yielded quite the batch, we froze half so they wouldn’t go to waste. will i make them again? damn straight.

we used two colours of peppers (because we have to eat our colours), mushrooms, and corn, plus goat feta, marble chedder, and diy buttermilk (because who ever just has buttermilk lying around?). if you don’t feel like clicking the link, making buttermilk is seriously this easy:

put 4 1/2 teaspoons of white vinegar (or lemon juice) in a measuring cup, and top off with milk until you are at a 1 cup. let sit for 5 – 15 minutes and you’re done.


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