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speak and ye shall not be heard

lately i've found myself going from 0 to 15+ in situations that don't necessarily warrant it. i'm constantly on edge and just plain angry. it might have a lot to do with being just plain tired. but it also has a lot to do with just plain not being heard. part of it is living in a house with a toddler. toddlers don't listen because 1) they're toddlers 2) they don't want to. you can also add 3) they don't understand, but toddlers...

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how to stop diaper tabs from scratching

for awhile there getting dylan into a diaper was a real horror story. we're talking, screaming and crying and squirming and generally freaking out. much more than normal. she would say, "ow! ow!" and point at the diaper. who knows what that means???? i sure as hell didn't, and i spend all day with her. but eventually, like super dim detectives, we started putting two and two together and it stopped adding up to five. her diaper was hurting her. duh. smh. stupid...

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